Sunday, December 26, 2010


Ok, so I paint realistically. Well, I decided I was going to go graphic. I'm in animation! They always say simple is better right? So heres a simple painting. Graphic style done in guache, original layout inspired by the old bugs bunny cartoons:)

The Victorian Painting

This one is defiantely more vibrant. Still painted in guache and completely influenced by the Christmas Carol...oh world lit class, you still managed to slip yourself into my artwork..

Final Exterior Painting!

Heres the final piece! Painted in guache. It was definately October when I painted this

The Royal Winter Fair!

Yes, I went to draw animals at the RWF. It smelled bad and the animals kept moving but I was determined to get some sketches! and indeed I did, here they are :3

And We Keep on Animating..

This is my favourite animation out of the ones that I have done:) Animating is a lot of work and if you find that you have created something awesome or adorable it really makes your day. This is a pencil test and is by no means a finished piece :0

More Concept Work! These are for My Victorian painting

More lighting and colour work. This painting has a warm victorian feel. I was inspired by the upcoming Christmas Season:)

Concept Work for My Exterior Painting

Here are some concept sketches for lighting and colour ideas for my final painting of an outdoor scene:P

Lineart! Of my Original Layout Designs

Here is the original lineart of my layout paintings:) I always start with is soo much easier

If an Indian Princess and a Chinese Monk had Extreme Expressions:P

This was a character design experiment I did a while ago. I experimented in drawing people of other nationalities and it was a real challenge, but it was alot of fun!