Monday, February 14, 2011

Lots of Togas!

The Goddess Invidia
The Roman Prince

The lovely Palace Ward
The silly sidekick

There took me forever to finalize! Along with a ton of research! They are my character designs for a hypothetical animated period piece! It is set in Ancient Rome, and consists of a hero, love interest, villain and comic relief. No names yet, but so far these characters are part of an intense story about a greedy roman prince who seeks the help of the ancient roman Goddess to destroy the bond between the woman he loves and her betrothed. The story twists when the Goddess falls for the prince and tries to eliminate the woman he loves so that she may have him for herself and rule all of Rome as Queen. Her hilarious henchman, the snake carry's out her evil deeds and eventually through an epic battle the prince realizes the havoc he has risen by awakening the Goddess and imprisons her back into the depths of the sea.


  1. LOVE the goddess Invidia! <3

  2. I really like your old development processes! Am I right that the edgy and curly shapes of your ancient roman characters -- espesially Invidia -- were slightly influenced by a certain Disney movie?